Why Can’t Others Accept Older Lovers

If it's hard for a child to accept their mother being physically familiar with their father, imagine how much harder it is for them to see a parent being intimate with someone who is not their mum or dad. Add to that the fact that both you and your partner have suffered bereavement. If your daughter hasn't seen you with another man since your husband died, it becomes much easier to understand why she finds it hard to 'cope' with your closeness to your new partner. alone after my husband died and thought I would never have sex again. Then, aged 72, I met my wonderful shamballa bead bracelet partner (a widower) and have fallen in love again like a teenager - but the rest of the world seems less are very tactile and strangers have muttered abuse when we kiss. My partner's children roll their eyes, and when I've tried to talk to my daughter about my love life (having listened to her romantic problems for years) she says she 'can't cope'.

Why are people so hostile to older lovers?Found love again: A 72-year-old reader is delighted with her new relationship, but her friends and family aren't so happy (posed by models)Do I think our society is ageist about love? Absolutely. We're told 'all the world loves a lover', but that doesn't ring true if the courting couples are 60-plus and don't restrict their PDAs (public displays of affection) to holding hands.Her first husband was a repressed man, so she felt free to experiment in bed only after her divorce, with a man she met online. Social networking has revolutionised dating for all age groups and it's the silver surfers who feel most liberated by the new possibilities. Having said that, it's important to say those people whose libido has diminished with age should feel free to live life at a gentler pace. The point about growing older is you finally have the confidence to make bold choices.

Finally, I want to say how thrilled I am that you have found love again. Your story is a timely reminder that there is no age limit to falling in love and feeling passion. Just remember in your bliss to be sensitive about the fact your families need time to adjust to the new landscape. When they have, I am sure they will share your joy.Having said that, perhaps you are being overly demonstrative for most people's tastes? Love makes people blind and you might be overstepping the usual boundaries without realising it. You say you feel 'like a teenager'. I can't help wondering if that extends to being oblivious to other people's feelings? Teens often ignore the fact you don't want them sticking their tongues down their boyfriend's throat when you are opposite them on a train. I'm no prude, but I'm not keen on people of any age chewing off each other's faces near children's distaste for your physical closeness to your partner is also hardly unusual. Most offspring are disdainful about any smooching on behalf of their parents. When one friend sat on her husband's knee in the kitchen and pecked him on the lips, her 13-year-old daughter said: 'Stop doing that - it's disgusting. I can't bring my friends home if you behave like that'.Your daughter's reluctance to discuss your partner is, on the face of things, unfair, but not unusual. She wants you to be her mum, not a girlfriend and confidante. You'd be better respecting her wishes.I want to make one thing clear: no one is telling you not to celebrate the wonder of falling in love again; just consider being less demonstrative in front of your family. Holding hands and a fond peck on the lips is the limit. If your behaviour has been limited to that sort of inoffensive caress, then I am very sorry you have faced such widespread censoriousness. The only way to counter such prejudice is by keeping your head held high and continuing to behave fondly. The UK's pension-age demographic is expanding and it's important to recognise it's commonplace for over-60s to have an active sex life.I was talking to a friend's 73-year-old mother the other day and she said she had the most sexually fulfilling relationship of her life in her late 60s.The young can be particularly scathing about older sweethearts, believing they have an exclusive entitlement to erotic love. One fortysomething married couple I know were recently in the back row at the cinema and enjoyed a passionate kiss halfway through the film. they said our Blind Date marriage would never last! Couple who met on Cilla Black's show celebrate 20-year anniversary The teenagers sitting in front of them whispered loudly: 'Yuck, old people snogging. That is so gross.' Unsurprisingly, there's even less tolerance to people in their 70s and 80s who have the temerity to kiss. There's a misconceived cultural prejudice which leads some people to think pensioners who have sex are behaving inappropriately.

Falling Out of Love

Falling in Love is important and an art form, but sometimes, we also need to learn how to fall out of love. Be it a hurtful relationship we have to leave or being stuck in love with somebody, who we are not together with anymore, unable to get it over it. It happens to most of us at some point in time, that is why I want to share with you a process designed by Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NLP.1. Think of the person that you want to fall out of love with. 2. Remember all the good memories about being with them by seeing yourself in the memories. See the movies run backwards and make them all in black and white and small. 3. Remember all the times they treated you badly and all the negative feelings around them by imagining yourself looking at them inside the image, fully associated to what has happened. 4.

Take every bad thing they did and imagine all of them, one after another as if played back to back on a movie screen. Run this movie over and over until you get sick of it. 5. Take something that is disgusting to you and then move the image of the person into the submodalities of the disgusting image, e.g. if you hate the look and smell of mushrooms, get a plate of it, take in the look and smell and open up a picture of that person over and over again. 6. Imagine a wonderful future free of them and imagine yourself being happy and free and step into that image.It is key, to not only see the pictures, but also hear and feel what is happening.If you are not sure it worked, do it several times. It is like learning to ride a bicycle, initially, you cannot drive perfectly, but soon you'll get it.Good riddance! ???

We All Love Hugs!

Don't we all love a good, tight, squeezy hug now and then! I mean let's face it: everyone needs a hug. So, yes hugs are clearly awesome! So, awesome that even animals like to hug it out now and then!I guess it's something about the feeling that goes with it that makes our day happier and makes us feel fuzzy inside.For the record many studies show that hugging is healthy and that all we need to be "happy"are 8 hugs per day.It's a general fact that people who hug each other and hold hands with a significant other are more relaxed and feel better.

So, people spread the love of hugging!Here are some fun facts about hugs: desire to feel close to others and hugs make us feel close.18. Hugs are great reassurance before going our separate ways.19. Hugging opens our heart letting us go and letting the love flow.20. And here is a funny one: Hugs are dryer than most kisses and don't leave lipstick stains. :)Also did you know that hugging:helps the body's immune system.cures depression.reduces stress.induces sleep.revitalize.And I guess the same goes for animals, too!

Love Relationship Advice

How to discover the love relationship which you never want to leave? And if you finds, then how to know that is it love or just an attraction? Some people are not comfortable to communicate their liking for someone. Then how, they can get to connect with their beloved? If you are also dealing with the same problem then it's not a big reason of worry. These questions always move around in an affiliation and can be answered with a relationship advice.Sometimes, at teenage, they don't know exactly, what love is. They felt instant attraction towards a cute face and feel that they are in love but it is not essential. It can be just appeal of that case. A relationship advice may be helpful for them who find themselves in this type of confusing situation. Young age is the most fragile time of love life, in which teens can move to a dangerous point if they are not properly guide with an advice by experts. There are some key points, which can help to find out the difference between love and affection. If you have just an attraction, then you will be appeal with the same feeling when you see another charming look and if it more than the affection then you will not wait and rush to make a link with that face.

Teens don't know the maturity of a connection and they think that their attraction is their love and if they failed to get their friendliness then their life lead to depression. On the other hand if they get their affection, they don't know how to treat them. In this case, what's bad to take some advice?How to know your liking for someone? The best way to know the answer is jealousy. This is the proof of someone's care for his beloved but this could also be the failure of a link because it is the issue of trust. Jealousy can be the reason for blaming a person by lover, which can trouble their relation. In these situations, professionals can help you with their sensible suggestions.Honesty is major pole of connection between two persons. If you are not truthful to your partner then you cannot survive in your bond for long time.

Another thing that matters a lot to make a link stronger is trust. We are not saying you to trust your person blindly but don't often doubts on him/her. A relationship advice from experts will always guide you to be loyal to your relation.Some more queries that may arrives in someone's mind, like:??? What a lover expects from his partner???? How to get your beloved back???? How to keep a bond healthy for a lifetime???? How to sort out the troubles in a relation or how to save it?These are several more questions that can hit someone's mind which may put a link in trouble and they can get them answered with some following some rules and healthy relationship advice.

Getting Back with Your Ex Lover

Whatever your situation is, your relationship can always suffer and you can end up breaking up with your girlfriend. Even if you have a stable relationship, you can still have problems.A relationship can have problems for a number of reasons and in some cases it's not because of something you've done. Problems show up in relationships, and people become estranged, without one of them doing something bad. In some cases, the signs will be there, and you will be able to see how the relationship starts to suffer, even though you might know the reason yet.In some cases, what seems to be a strong relationship might actually be weak, even if you don't realize this right now. It's probably not the first time you see a relationship that breaks even though it seems perfect at the surface.

No matter how important your girlfriend is to you, your relationship can still hit a bump at some point.You know that people are very different from one another, so you know how much effort it takes to sometimes keep a relationship standing.In some cases, people manage to save their relationship before it breaks, but in plenty of cases, they can't see eye to eye with their loved ones, even though they see that their relationship is in trouble.When a break up like this appears, chances are that you will have no idea that something is wrong until you hear it from your girlfriend. The fact that you didn't know doesn't matter so much, but it does matter what you did when you finally found out that you relationship is over.Having a relationship is like being on a boat.

Sometimes you're sailing calm waters with a clear sky, while other times you're in the middle of the storm and you're in danger of sinking. Working together with your team mate will save the ship usually. You need to compromise and make sure both you and your partner are happy. If only one of you compromises, chances are that the relationship doesn't have a real future.You should be careful and give your partner all the respect they need and deserve, plus enough room to breathe. Try that for a while and you'll be surprised at how much it can help your relationship.While steering a relationship can be quite hard, if you do it right and work with your girlfriend, you can make it, even if the situation is really bad and it seems that you have nowhere to turn.

Get Her to Fall in Love With You – 3 Tips to Make Women Love You

Maybe you are a bit of the romantic type and you really don't want to be out there dating every woman that you possibly can. Maybe you already have a woman in mind and you want to be able to smoothly go from being just friends or acquaintances and instead, you want to make her fall in love with you. At first blush, it might seem like an improbable thing to do, but with a couple of tricks and tips, you can easily make her fall in love with you.Here are 3 tips to make women love you:1. When you are around a woman, you have to make her think of you as more than just a friend.I know, you already know this, but you have to ACT like you know this.

You cannot try and do things that only a friend would do and then wonder why she is not ready to just jump all over you and get hot and sweaty. It might sound like the proper thing to do to try and be her guy friend, but that is not going to make her want to date you, much less fall in love with you.2. When you talk to her, you have to get past the routine conversation. I know a lot of men that get around a woman that they are really into, and you really could not tell from the conversation that they are trying to get the sparks flying.

Friendly banter is okay to get something started, but at some point, you have to use conversation as a way to build attraction with her.3. She NEEDS to feel a little jealous now and again.While you shouldn't throw it into her face all of the time, you shouldn't shy away from making her jealous now and again. You want to make her realize that she DOES have some feelings for you, but she never will have to confront those feelings if she never feels jealous.

Is He The One? The Weird Confession That May Change Your Mind Forever!

Who else is curious if they're man really loves them? Is he REALLY the "one"… or are you settling for something far less than you crave in your gut? Do you feel confident and secure in your relationship? Or maybe like many women, you feel that uncomfortable butterfly of uncertainty bouncing around in your belly whenever you wonder what he's REALLY thinking?No matter how confident you are in your relationship, and your boyfriend, husband or lover, there is NO woman who knows with 100% certitude that their man is truly as much in love as she believes… let alone is being faithful.Here are some ASTONISHING things I've learned as an emotional intuitive, and as a love counselor and confidante to men and women of ALL types and stripes over the years.Women are FAR more likely to be faithful, honest and committed… as long as the relationship is solid.As the relationship grows and evolves, it's actually the WOMAN who is far more likely to start entertaining thoughts of straying, or confiding in another person, than her man is.Simply stated… a woman has FAR greater needs than our male counterparts due, and that applies to emotional needs, physical needs and spiritual needs to boot.

Believe it or not though… even when unfulfilled, most women will STILL stay monogamous.Men can be happy as a lamb at home… and yet still cheat anyway, without giving it much of a second thought.And…Men are MOST likely to be MORE devastated when a relationship comes to an end, simply because they haven't accumulated the tools to take care of themselves, quite as much as we have!What do I recommend you do if you aren't sure?Talk to someone! A close friend, a confidante, an objective family member who WON'T tell you what you want to hear. As an emotional intuitive and empath, I recommend you reach out to someone with similar gifts who will HELP you find what it is that you crave, want and need.The key is NOT to settle. Don't allow yourself to accept a man who is "there", rather than one who will BE there… regardless of what may come. And lastly… and I know this sounds silly or "out there" to some of you, but compare your compatibility by AURA and energy and spiritual connection as well! It can make all the difference in the world. (and a spiritual intuitive can help you make that happen in a hurry!)

What is Concubinage A Pleasure or Need

Concubinage is a term that has been introduced for women who had relationship with married men, but failed to marry them due to certain reasons like lower status. In short, a woman living a married-like relationship with a man without marrying the man is called as concubinage or concubines.There are several reasons due to which women since centuries failed to marry the person whom she considered as her life partner. It can be the lower status of the woman or married status of the man that becomes the barrier of their half relationship. Therefore, it has always been men who has high economic or social status and have concubines.Dating back to history, the Concubinage has become a history where many former rules had their wives, but never failed to get involved with concubines. This was almost common during those days and so the families of concubines also provided them with social and financial stability along with moral support. The Concubine definition is not very common even though it is a history which is followed since years. It has happened during the time when Israel men acknowledged their concubines and supported them financially.

Also, some concubines got same legitimate rights that men's wives received in the house.If considered the time in Europe and China, Concubinages have been permitted to live the normal culture. They were free to live their lives freely with the financial and moral support they received from people and their men with whom they kept affair. During those days, this type of relationship was legally accepted and their children were also given rights, though not much right is provided to them like the real children. Apart from Europe and China, the same relationship was found in Greece. However, many stories were found in scripted forms in ancient Greek culture. Still, the presence is not different from it. It is just that the circumstances and behavior has changed.Concubinage is different from slave concubinage where a woman sacrifices her body just to feed herself and her family.

Even the history has been recorded where ancient Draconian law allowed a man to kill another man if he finds his concubinage with other.In modern day, a man offers his own apartment and money, but does not live with her. In fact, the person is not married, but intentionally commits this crime even after being married. Keeping this type of relationship only gives heartache, but during the ancient times it was more like a trend or passion which is still carried forward in a different way. Concubinage was more involved in the upper class or the king who had concubines. This relationship does not intend to actually get married, but to stay separated with their relationship legally. One benefit that the concubinage received was to enjoy all the rights that a wife basically enjoys.

Personalised Birthday Gifts For Your Loved Ones

When a special occasion is round the corner people of all ages expect a sweet and simple gift from near and dear ones. Especially if efforts have gone in fetching the gift, the occasion becomes all the more special for your loved ones. Expressing the happiness of receiving a special gift may vary from person to person but the intensity never changes.An element of surprise in that special gift would be like an icing on the cake! With the personalised birthday gifts doing the rounds these days their popularity has fast grown over time. If you show a little creativity in personalising a gift for your loved ones, they will never stop appreciating your efforts.A small message or a love quote that comes straight from the heart could mean the world to your beloved. The need is to customising the gift with such messages or teaming them up with nice accessories that your beloved would love to have.Many stores offer a variety of personalised birthday gifts according to the taste of the customer. They customise them the way the customer wants them to be.Another option is looking out for personalised birthday gifts, over the internet.

Many sites too offer gift customising and personalising services which are easy on the pocket and efficient too. They also come out with exciting offers and deals which are very tempting. The biggest advantage here is that you can save your time and energy and still send exciting personalised gifts for your dear ones. With a host of such websites the choices of gifts are numerous and you can almost find any kind of gift that's on your mind.Many websites have lucrative discounts on personalised birthday gifts which are attractive and useful. As there are many websites over the internet, you can actually compare the deal and offer prices with each other and eventually choose one site you find most valuable.The best feature of sending gifts through sites is that they have gifts for all age groups. Personalisation according to the age of the person you are gifting to is also possible. For any and every occasion many personalised cards are available online.

If your mother's birthday is round the corner, send her a card personalised with a touching message that will make her feel your love for them. Your friends would love to have a gift that could symbolise the special bond you share with them through gifts that are truly symbolic of your friendship. Your better halves or your beloveds are someone who care for you asking for nothing in return, and if you surprise them with a personalised birthday gift they would cherish it forever.You can save your efforts and time by logging on to sites that provide you such valuable services. A small amount to be paid in return of a warm hug, a beautiful smile or a peck on the cheek is definitely worth it. So log on and make your loved one feel the warmth of your love through a personalised birthday gift.

How To Make Long Distance Love Successful

'Love' and 'Distance' are two contradictory terms that strangely come together, accompanied by a 'LONG', in case of 'Long Distance Love'. The sad part in this case is that love needs to deal with the miserable 'Long Distance'. Love can still win over long distance and make long distance love successful. The different aspects of long distance love that require attention are:HonestyHonesty is a prerequisite for building any strong relationship. In case of a long distance love, it is particularly very important to be honest. You must combat all temptations of being dishonest and be honest to yourself and your partner. If both partners in a relationship are honest with each other, they share a stronger bond.TechnologyTechnology is one of the biggest help in nurturing the love in a long distance relationship. You can send each other a loving email, or arrange online meetings with each other. A sweet phone call can brighten up your mood and an expressive text message on your phone can make you feel special. It is essential for you to stay connected with your partner at all times.

Technology can be an indispensable tool in reducing the distances between lovers.Stay ConnectedYou can strengthen the bond between both of you by staying connected with each other in some form or the other. In case you share any common interest, you must take out time to do things together even when you are apart. You can watch some common shows, visit a common website or read the same book. By doing some things together, you can share the same lifestyles even when you are away from each other.Make Efforts To MeetA physical meeting, once in a while, is a great way to add sparks to a monotonous relationship. Seeing each other after long intervals of time, can make your infrequent meetings very special. These meetings can spice up your love life and make you look forward to these special meetings.

You can always surprise your partner with a surprise visit and make it more special for him/her.Being RealisticIn case of long distance love, it is imperative to have realistic goals and also be very honest about them. You must talk to each other whenever possible, but also give some time alone to each other. It is not possible for couples to meet frequently. You must be practical while fixing your meetings and understanding in terms of giving space.Stop The Blame GameLong distance love is a test of trust, patience and understanding between partners. Feelings of neglect and loneliness may creep up in this case. It is, however, very important that you handle the situation with maturity. Both partners must not blame each other and fight unnecessarily.Long distance love is increasingly becoming popular, with more and more people becoming career-oriented. It is important to give time, space and lots of care to each other while staying apart. One should be patient, mature nad understanding to handle long distance love.