Forever Love

This morning, I was moved for a long time. An old man supports his wife with his one hand and his other hand was carrying a basket filled with fresh vegetables and fruits moving forward slowly. Happy air covered their faces, although one and other deep wrinkles just like deep river, no matter wrinkle or river seems peaceful and resting this time. I stared quietly on them and feel the world was still. Slowly moved to the footstep with successful, the wife raised her head smiling to her deep loving spouse and the man held his wife's hand more tightly. I can't help myself bursting into tears. Few things can move me at recent fast moved society but only love which has no artificial trail and never to show purposely before the public. They move forward continuously whose ten steps just equal to two steps for a common people. I didn't move my steps until their back shadow disappeared from my eyesight. I have not got married but I have a boyfriend I love deeply-------we spent our four college year together although my parents never consent to our association because of he was born in a poor peasant family and they never thought I can get a happy life once I married him who are work for selling small gadgets-------and never transfer my emotion to others no matter there are how many people doubt our future.

Society developed like this: if man wants to marry a girl, first despite her merits and shortcomings and despite whether she is beautiful or ugly, he should own buildings and cars. People believe that girls should marry millionaires and girls' job is to capture man's heart. Nevertheless, I never think so. I never impose deep pressure on him. I will try my best to make him the happiest man since he is the only people accompanying me until I got old.

My relatives and classmates said I am different from other girls for I am independent, I have my own thoughts and ideas, I never go with the tide. They forecast that I will live hard. It doesn't matter. Everyone has only life, if not to choose who I love the most, I will regret. I never thought to live comfortable in the future but thought to create a bright future with him-------the person I love the most who also love me the most. What I want actually is little: happy and satisfying life. When I am old, will you willing to hold my hand moving through one and another street? Will you willing to clap eyes on me with deep emotion? We are not wealthy, but we are contented and pleasant.