We All Love Hugs!

Don't we all love a good, tight, squeezy hug now and then! I mean let's face it: everyone needs a hug. So, yes hugs are clearly awesome! So, awesome that even animals like to hug it out now and then!I guess it's something about the feeling that goes with it that makes our day happier and makes us feel fuzzy inside.For the record many studies show that hugging is healthy and that all we need to be "happy"are 8 hugs per day.It's a general fact that people who hug each other and hold hands with a significant other are more relaxed and feel better.

So, people spread the love of hugging!Here are some fun facts about hugs: desire to feel close to others and hugs make us feel close.18. Hugs are great reassurance before going our separate ways.19. Hugging opens our heart letting us go and letting the love flow.20. And here is a funny one: Hugs are dryer than most kisses and don't leave lipstick stains. :)Also did you know that hugging:helps the body's immune system.cures depression.reduces stress.induces sleep.revitalize.And I guess the same goes for animals, too!